Diritto e Religione nelle Società Multiculturali/ Law and Religion in Multicultural Societies/ Derecho y Religión en las Sociedades Multiculturales/ Droit et Religion dans les Sociétés Multiculturelles/ Recht und Religion in Multikulturellen Gesellschaften/ 多元化社会中的法与宗教 / القانون والدين في المجتمعات متعددة الثقافات

Link: https://unitedsikhs.org/united-sikhs-urges-those-in-need-to-use-hotline-during-covid-19-crisis/

New York, New York, March 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In cities across the globe citizens are being asked to work from home or social distance themselves while health organizations prepare testing sites, hospital units and clinics. UNITED SIKHS, a global humanitarian non-profit organization based in New York, has devoted a HELP HOTLINE to serve those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As soon as the government declared a COVID-19 a National Emergency; UNITED SIKHS immediately began working with local authorities to provide as much support as possible.” reported UNITED SIKHS, International Humanitarian Aid Director, Gurvinder Singh.

In Canada, UNITED SIKHS has appealed to the public to avoid the, “Panic buying” of supplies.  In response, the Canadian administration calmed the country stating that the food supply in Canada will remain unaffected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

As a preventative measure, several Sikh worship sites have been closed across the United States. However, in the state of New Jersey, gurdwaras are prepared in Bergan, Passaic, Atlantic, Somerset Middlesex, Morris and Mercer counties to provide food and additional services to those in need. Each county is staffed with volunteers to serve langar and lend support where needed. Additionally, COVID-19 information in varied languages to prevent the spread of the virus.

UNITED SIKHS has launched a global COVID-19 assistance program. The organization urges those most in need to check with the UNITED SIKHS chapter within their country. Unite States residents can call (855) 878-6333, or here for assistance.  Populations urged to call for this support are at- home elderly persons with pre-existing conditions, and low-income households with children.

The UNITED SIKHS HELP HOTLINE will provide free supplies including:

  • Hot meals
  • Dry goods
  • Medicines, (Over-the -counter meds)

In a public appeal, UNITED SIKHS Chief Executive Officer Jagdeep Singh, urged “Our seniors, children and vulnerable groups with pre-existing medical conditions are suffering the most due to this pandemic. Those who are financially able should consider donating to UNITED SIKHS so that this free delivery service of life essentials can be expanded to everyone who needs it.”

In step with the UNITED SIKHS mission, humanitarian action is needed to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity during and after disasters caused by natural hazards. The UNITED SIKHS goal is to always prevent and strengthen preparedness for emergency situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

The reach of UNITED SIKHS  is global and invites those living anywhere in the world to contact UNITED SIKHS via email at: contact@unitedsikhs.org, to activate a Sikh Aide support team in their community. Our teams run year-round to help eradicate poverty and work towards creating a healthier and happier world. For more information on UNITED SIHKS, visit: www.UNITEDSIKHS.org.

COVID-19 Sikh Guideline Materials will be distributed at more than 450 gurdwara institutions nationally.

 Click here for COVID-19 resource materials in English and Panjabi.

About UNITED SIKHS: UNITED SIKHS is a U.N. affiliated, international non-profit, non-governmental, humanitarian relief, human development and advocacy organization, aimed at empowering those in need, especially disadvantaged and minority communities across the world. UNITED SIKHS is registered: as a non-profit tax exempt organization pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code in the USA; as a Registered Charity in England and Wales under the Charities Act 1993, Charity Number 111 2055; registered in Australia as a not for profit NGO (ABN 24 317 847 103); and is a registered NGO in Belgium; as a non-profit organization in Canada; under the Societies Registration Act 1860 in Panjab and as a tax exempt organisation under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961; under the French Association Law 1901; under the Societies Registration Act 1860 in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Pakistan; as a registered society under the Registrar of Societies in Malaysia (registered as UNITED SIKHS Malaysia Humanitarian Aid Organisation- Regn No: PPM-015-14-06042015); and an NGO pending registration in the Rep of Ireland.:

Click here to Download COVID-19 Resources in English and Panjabi



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